Why choose Reverse Freedom for your Reverse Mortgage?

We know that you have a choice when it comes to Reverse Mortgage lending. So why should you choose us?

With Reverse Freedom, we treat you like one of the family and are focused on ensuring your security and certainty throughout your retirement. We spend the time getting to know you and your financial situation and goals so that we can structure a customized Reverse Mortgage solution that meets your specific needs.

Since 2008, we have focused solely on Reverse Mortgage lending and have become one of the top 25 Reverse Mortgage producers in the country. We have the experience and expertise to design and implement an effective solution that will meet all of your financial goals.

Our process consists of 6 steps. Our team is here to serve you.

Education and Learning

Our process begins with providing you with a thorough education on the various components of reverse mortgage planning. The reverse mortgage is a retirement planning vehicle, and it is important for us that you understand all the features and benefits. We will meet with you and take a thorough inventory of all the components of your household finances which include your retirement savings, social security, pension and any other income sources you have to support your retirement. We want to help you maximize your retirement income and sustainability with the resources you have accumulated for retirement. A reverse mortgage is a great planning tool and we want to make sure that it is tailor fit for your specific situation. Some of our clients are using a reverse mortgage as a strategic tool to increase their financial resources and supplement their retirement savings while others may be using a reverse mortgage to increase cashflow thru refinancing their traditional mortgage. A reverse mortgage can be useful to help with future long-term care needs that may arise. Your situation is unique and we take pride in learning how we can improve your retirement finances and security though a personal consultation. Following our meeting you will feel confident in the options available and the various ways to implement a reverse mortgage strategy. Our personalized approach to reverse mortgage lending is what sets Reverse Freedom apart from our competitors.

Independent HUD Counseling

If a reverse mortgage is the right solution for you, we will provide you with a list of HUD approved reverse mortgage counselors to take the next step towards financing a reverse mortgage loan for you. This is a necessary step in the lending process which allows you to receive additional insight and information from a third party outside of a mortgage originator. This is a protection HUD has put into place to make sure you understand all the details beyond the education that we provide you. Not to worry, this is not complicated. Most of our clients complete this counseling session within 45 minutes in the comfort of their home thru a phone call with a HUD counselor. This cost for this service typically runs between $125-150, and you pay the service directly. Once completed the counselor will provide a certificate of completion that allows us to work on an application for your reverse mortgage loan.


During the application process we will collect all the needed information to process your reverse mortgage loan. We will also request all the necessary documentation we will need to get loan approval. These items include a legal drivers license or ID card, social security verifications, income documentation, proof of homeowners insurance, and potentially other items that could be specific to your individual situation.


A formal appraisal will be ordered on your behalf following the submission of your application. The appraisal is a requirement and will determine the home value for the purposes of the reverse mortgage loan. The appraised value will determine the amount of money that is available in a reverse mortgage loan.


Upon receipt of your completed appraisal, and all the necessary documentation and verifications our loan will be submitted to underwriting for formal loan approval.


When we receive loan approval and all the final conditions are signed off by the underwriter, a closing will be scheduled to sign all the final loans documents. Your loan proceeds will be disbursed accordingly following a three day right of recission after you have signed notarized loan documents. If you have a purchase loan there will be no recession period.