Improve your cash flow with a Reverse Mortgage

How do Reverse Mortgages increase cash flow?

Options to Improve Cash Flow

Lump Sum. You can choose to access money in a lump sum. This option is typically used to pay off a mortgage, but can also be used to periodically access money in a lump sum.

Income Payments. You can choose to receive tenure income payments (also known as lifetime income payments) or term income payments based on the length of the term.

Line of Credit. Depending on the amount of equity in your property, you can build a nest egg for retirement down the road by taking advantage of a growing line of credit.

The choice is yours—you can choose one option or any combination of the three options above. We can help you determine which option is best for you (based on your other financial resources) during a personal consultation. On average our clients increase their retirement cash flow by over $250,000.

Let us help you build a plan that provides you with a more secure and sustainable retirement.