Do You Want to Retire in Your Current Home or Relocate?

Do you want to spend your retirement in your current home or would you rather relocate to another area, stay in the same area and downsize, or buy a home that requires less upkeep?

With a Reverse Mortgage, you have a choice!

When considering a Reverse Mortgage to improve your retirement cash flow, you can choose to stay in your current home or purchase a new home.

Some common considerations when evaluating the best option for you is to determine if your current home is suitable for the long term. Is it too large?

Do you wish to relocate somewhere else?
Is the upkeep getting to be too much?
If you decide that you want to sell your current house and buy another home, you can do so with a Reverse Mortgage, by simply transferring the equity from the sale of your current residence.

Watch this short video to learn more about purchasing a new home with a Reverse Mortgage.

With a Reverse Mortgage, finding the home you wish to occupy for the long term results in the greatest financial benefit for you. Whether you decide to move or stay put, we can help you with calculations so that you can choose the best loan option to meet your needs.