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Improve your cash flow with a Reverse Mortgage

How do Reverse Mortgages increase cash flow? Options to Improve Cash Flow Lump Sum. You can choose to access money in a lump sum. This option is typically used to pay off a mortgage, but can also be used to periodically access money in a lump sum. Income Payments. You can choose to receive tenure […]

Do You Want to Retire in Your Current Home or Relocate?

Do you want to spend your retirement in your current home or would you rather relocate to another area, stay in the same area and downsize, or buy a home that requires less upkeep? With a Reverse Mortgage, you have a choice! When considering a Reverse Mortgage to improve your retirement cash flow, you can […]

Why choose Reverse Freedom for your Reverse Mortgage?

We know that you have a choice when it comes to Reverse Mortgage lending. So why should you choose us? With Reverse Freedom, we treat you like one of the family and are focused on ensuring your security and certainty throughout your retirement. We spend the time getting to know you and your financial situation […]

Is a Reverse Mortgage right for you?

Should you consider a reverse mortgage? Here are the top 4 reasons our clients decided to go with a Reverse Mortgage: They still owe money on their traditional mortgage. Paying a mortgage on a fixed income can be challenging. A Reverse Mortgage gives you the flexibility to leverage the equity in your home without requiring […]

Do Reverse Mortgages Deserve Their Bad Reputation?

Reverse Mortgages have gotten a bad rap, but why? Prior to regulation, consumers didn’t have the protections they enjoy today. Fortunately, Reverse Mortgage products have changed dramatically over the years to the benefit of the consumer. From 1961-1987, Reverse Mortgages in the United States were not regulated. Small banks and insurance companies financed reverse mortgage […]