Advisor’s Expertise

Jim Nebeker has been in the home mortgage business for 47 years.  In 2005, Jim became interested in Reverse Mortgages, as he himself approached senior status.  Over the last 7 years he has gained a deep understanding of the importance for seniors to keep their financial security and independence.  He also understands how the home in which many have invested in over their lifetime can be their vehicle to do this.

In 2011, he made the switch from traditional mortgages to working exclusively in Home Equity Conversion Mortgage (HECM) loans.  He now holds a file full of letters of heartfelt gratitude from seniors whom he has assisted in gaining their financial freedom!

Jim’s recent background with HECM loans combined with his professional lifetime of expertise in the traditional home mortgage industry, have prepared him to give trustworthy assistance to anyone considering a HECM loan for themselves or their loved ones.

Jim lives in Utah with his wife, his dogs and his cats.  he is the father of two grown sons with whom he has shared many happy hours fishing in the mountains and riding his motorcycle.

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