What Can a Reverse Mortgage Do for You?

“Our Goal is to Provide our Clients the Freedom to Live a More Comfortable and Secure Retirement”

-Chad Peck

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What a Reverse Mortgage can Provide

Healthcare Costs

Funds from a Reverse Mortgage can help pay for medical expenses.

Home Improvement

Fund home improvements and repairs to your home with a Reverse Mortgage.

Life’s Extras

Have the funds necessary to enjoy your favorite hobbies thanks to a Reverse Mortgage.

No Monthly Mortgage Payments

Eliminate your monthly mortgage payments for the life of your loan.*

Supplemental Funds

Supplement your retirement income with a Reverse Mortgage.

Help for Family Members

Have funds available to help with your loved one’s needs thanks to a Reverse Mortgage.

Purchase a New Home

Rightsize into a more ideal home without making a monthly payment.*

Increasing Line of Credit

Prepare for the unknowns of life by opening up an increasing line of credit for future use.

Delay your Social Security

Strategic HECM planning may help increase your SSI payout.

*Payment of Property Taxes, Insurance and other property charges remain your responsibility.

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We are dedicated to helping older Americans live the retirement lifestyle that they imagined and deserve, in the comfort of their own home.

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Our Team

Chad G. Peck

Chad G. Peck

Principal Lending Manager / Owner

Chad has focused primarily on reverse mortgages for the past 10 years, with a passion for providing elderly clients a secure retirement. Read More

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Reverse Freedom is a Utah owned and operated company based out of Sandy, Utah. Our name says it all, reverse mortgages are our only line of business. Eight years ago, we chose to focus all our efforts on reverse mortgages. We are passionate about the product and about our clients who benefit from our reverse mortgage program.

Through years of serving our clients, many of them value the personalized approach we take in meeting with our clients face-to-face either in our office in Sandy, or in the comfort of their own homes throughout Salt Lake City, Utah Valley and the Wasatch Front.